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The Fang Club
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ah cama-sotz, annie lennox, arcana, arcanta, bauhaus, beauty, bel canto, belly dancing, bigod 20, binar code, bjork, blade, blood, bloodletting, california, champagne, clock dva, collection d'arnell ~ andrea, collide, concrete blonde, corsets, dancing, dargaard, darkwave, david bowie, dead can dance, death in june, debauchery, decadence, delerium, depeche mode, die form, dj fangz, dj xian, edwardian, endless night, enigma, enya, ethereal, fading colours, faith & the muse, fang club, fang gang, fangs, feathers, fire dancing, gary numan, goth, gothic fashion, gothic radio, haven, helium vola, hollywood, incubus, industrial, interview with the vampire, jill tracy, kirlian camera, lace, laibach, lamia, lesiem, lilith, lisa gerrard, long beach, los angeles, love & rockets, lycia, marc almond, masquerade, massive attack, mentallo & the fixer, miranda sex garden, mors syphilitica, new orleans, new romantic, new york, numb, oneiroid psychosis, opulence, peter murphy, project pitchfork, pvc, qntal, queen of the damned, rajna, rasputina, romanticism, rune reading, santa monica, satin, seelenkrank, siouxsie & the banshees, snake river conspiracy, stilleto heels, strange boutique, strigoi vii, succubus, tale of a vampire, tangerine dream, the chameleons, the changelings, the cocteau twins, the fang club, the hunger, the legendary pink dots, the shroud, the sisters of mercy, the tear garden, the underworld, the young gods, this mortal coil, tones on tail, tori amos, underworld, unto ashes, vampires, vampiricus, vampyres, vampyric, vast, velvet, velvet acid christ, victorian, wine, wumpskate